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Troubleshooting Of Wfe - ( Wiped Film Evaporator)

boiloff distillation troubleshooting aspen evaporator

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#1 DivineFist001


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Posted 29 November 2023 - 04:11 AM

Feed Details :
Component X : 80% ( Boiling point : 105 deg.C)
Component Y : 20% ( Boiling point : 256 deg.C)
Feed Rate : 600 kg/hr
Heating medium : Steam @ 145 deg.C
operating condition : 50 Torr, 90 deg.C ( Based on Aspen Flash Simulation).

Desired Outcome :
TO remove 99% of component X from Component Y.

History :
Earlier this operation was performed in batch mode. Where all of component X was boiled off.
During this, Bottom mass temperature was observed to go upto 120 deg.C uder 50 torr of vacuum.
No component Y was observed in the top distillate - throughout the operation.

Current Scenario :
Observations in WFE :

  1. In top distillate component Y is found ~10%.
  2. In bottom residue component Y is found ~80%.
  3. At 50 torr vacuum, operating temperature is only 40 deg.C.
  4. Upon increasing flowrate, component Y is found less in top distillate.

What should be done to minimize loss of component Y in top distillate ?

#2 breizh


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Posted 29 November 2023 - 04:45 AM


I suppose you did not change the technology without performing test!

Check the report, consult the manufacturer.

All instruments were calibrated before start (?).


Very weird to me.

Share with us the operation condition vs the design, this is missing; if possible, the name of the products.!

What is your role within your organization?


Attached a paper from a reputable company, you may find pointers. You still have the option to consult them.


Edit: another document to find the Boiling Point of your product at different pressures.

The BP of the heavy is about 140C @ 50 torr!

 The BP of the light is about 40C @ 50 torr.


Good luck.



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