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Distillation Column Decommissioning Checklist

distillation column decommiss

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#1 m.bhut


    Brand New Member

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Posted 08 April 2024 - 05:47 AM

Can anybody will help to provide Distillation column decommissioning checklist?

#2 shvet1


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Posted 08 April 2024 - 11:31 PM

Is this what you are looking for?




Edited by shvet1, 08 April 2024 - 11:33 PM.

#3 breizh


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Posted 09 April 2024 - 12:02 AM




A few steps,

Work permit procedure in place for all the activities,

Start with isolation (blinds)

Cleaning of the tower with chemicals (caustic soda solution for example) and rinse with water (plenty), make sure you have the capability to store and treat /dispose the dirty water,

Opening of the manholes,

Atmosphere analysis (continuous) before starting inspection and remove equipment.



#4 shvet1


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Posted 11 April 2024 - 12:25 AM



@m.bhut - is this what you are looking for?


Shut down (stopped)

Pumped out

Cooled down to 40°C (outdoor) or 60°C (indoor)

Decompressed to atm pressure



Washed / rinsed


Steamed out, cooled down again, condensate drained

Purged with inert gas

Purged with air

Positively isolated

Operating zones and escape routes labeled / tagged / segregated

Manholes / accessholes / sightholles opened 

Exposed to ambient air, vented, dryed

Positive tests results obtained from column top and bottom both (toxic&flammable components; O2 > 19-21%v (depends on jurisdiction))

Visually inspected by a supervisor

Workers instructed and equipped with PPE and emergency means (e.g. antidotes or water hoses for pyrophoric self-ignition suppression)

Personnel and persons in charge at neighbouring locations warned

Work permission signed and archived


Works are allowed to begin

Edited by shvet1, 11 April 2024 - 11:18 PM.

#5 Jaiganesh


    Brand New Member

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Posted 14 April 2024 - 01:56 PM

1) Cleaning of the column must be performed properly.
2) All the drains must be propelled drained and check.
3) Proper condition of the equipment must be equivalent to atmospheric condition temperature, pressure and not limited to.
4) All the LOTO procedures must be followed.
5) Pipe opening permit shall be initiated and then start opening of all the pipe using tools but no hot work shall be performed.
6) Initiate the permit for equipment decommissioning. After that distillation tower shall be dismantled from flange of each segment. Each segment must be lifted by crane and shifted to location safely. All this activity can be performed without hot work (without welding and cutting)

Hope this might help you in your professional work.

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