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Spillback In Centrifugal Compressors

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#1 Venkat @89

Venkat @89

    Gold Member

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Posted 14 June 2024 - 01:49 PM

May I know the purpose of providing the spillback or minimum flow control valve in Centrifugal Compressors along with anti surge control valve?

#2 Art Montemayor

Art Montemayor

    Gold Member

  • Admin
  • 5,782 posts

Posted 14 June 2024 - 06:02 PM



Attached is a Centrifugal Compressor document I put together to help my grandson who's taking Environmental Engineering in college.  I believe it answers your query - plus it furnishes a lot of other basic information on centrifugals.


I installed and operated a lot of gas compressors in my time and I was often reminded of the trade offs that come with the centrifugal's simplicity, cost savings, and smaller space requirements as compared to reciprocating units.  Surge and Stonewalling are some of those trade offs.  I hope this helps you understand centrifugal features and operations.

Take good care of your compressors, and they'll take care of you.


I always preferred reciprocating over centrifugal machines when given a choice.  Power efficiency, versatility, ease of maintenance, and flow controls were some of the good features.


Attached File  Centrifugal compressor.docx   1.64MB   30 downloads

#3 breizh


    Gold Member

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Posted 14 June 2024 - 06:43 PM

Hi Art,

Regards from Thailand,

Thanks for sharing,


#4 Art Montemayor

Art Montemayor

    Gold Member

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  • 5,782 posts

Posted 14 June 2024 - 10:07 PM



It's always good to hear from you and the great contributions you make to the Forums.

My warmest regards to you and all the guys that lead the Forums with you.



#5 panagiotis


    Gold Member

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Posted 15 June 2024 - 05:56 PM

I wish I could meet you in person Breizh and Art!

Edited by panagiotis, 15 June 2024 - 05:59 PM.

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