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Guidelines For Posting Questions

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#1 Chris Haslego

Chris Haslego


  • Admin
  • 191 posts

Posted 29 December 2006 - 06:37 PM

==== Guidlines for Posting to the Forums ======

1. When you receive recommendations for action in the forums, please return to the forum and share the results of your actions. What recommendations were implemented? What additional action was necessary? Tell everyone what happened so we can all continue to learn.

2. Please be sure to post to the correct forums. Students should post in the student forum, while professionals should use the Industrial Professional and other forums.

3. Please do not post the same question in multiple forums. Do not post multiple copies of the same topic in different Forums or in the same forum. This causes confusion, misunderstandings, and leaves members without any idea of which copy to respond to.

4. If you'd like a response to your inquiry, give as many details as possible regarding your questions. Taking the time to fully explain your inquiry, including as much background information as possible, will help others understand your question. You can attach drawings or spreadsheets to help explain your situation as well. Graphics are superior to words when explaining an engineering comcept or problem with process equipment.

5. Including your background (if you're an industrial professional) can also be quite helpful to those who will take the time to answer your question. For example, listing how many years of experience you have and the industries in which you've worked can be quite insightful when crafting answers to your inquires. Students are also recommended to give their years of study - especially what engineering courses have been taken and completed.

6. No advertising or recruiting of any kind will be tolerated. Your posts will simply be deleted and you'll be banned from further posting.

These guidelines will help you get the best answers to your questions. Don't forget to come by the board often to offer your own answers to people who may benefit from your particular expertise.

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