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#1 nocs16


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Posted 24 July 2007 - 12:36 AM

I am designing a 30 acfm flue gas scrubber to remove the SO2 using NaOH. i am having difficulty in finding the mass transfer coefficent for SO2 - NaOH system. Does anyone know where i can find these values.

Perry's Handbook likewise McCabe and Smith have graphs for CO2 - NaOH system, does Reinhardt Billet's Packed tower online has these data.

I also downloaded the the free trial software from PCOL but it seems that its to good to be true. The program somehow doesnt incorporate what type of system ie Solute-Solvent being used. Does anyone ever used this program with much success in its actual application?

Anyone who have a tip for computing the height of the packing? i am trying to use the Sherwood No. but having difficulty in the diffusivity of SO2. Can i use the SO2 diffusivity in air at 0C and 1 Atm?

Thank you in advance


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