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#1 mrford


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Posted 26 March 2009 - 12:28 AM

Good day,
I'm new to the forum and hoping that you guys can help me with a problem I'm having currently with Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic Acid).

I'm working in processing factory and currently we are keeping HCl (38%)inside a 50m3 HDPE tank. The problem I'm having is Hcl is creating a lot of vapors and these vapors is eating away anything metalic nearby. Frankly, the storage tank initially causing a lot of problems as it was meant for water storage tank and now I've modified the tank and sealed off many leak point, including 2 manholes on top. Now, what I need is just a vent off point to completely eliminate HCl vapor from escaping.

I'm proposing a passive packed column scrubber however as the economy is a bit sluggish at the moment and we couldnt make enough money, I'm proposing to DIY, that is if its possible to do.

Could you guys share me your experience or suggestions for what can be done in this case cause I've already tried searching within the forum.

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