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Coke And Natural Gas Produce Ethanol

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Posted 21 May 2009 - 07:45 PM


Unhappily Coal is totally misunderstood, its real value is totally undiscovered, despite that scientific progress is claiming maturity and nothing is still left behind unnoticed.

Coke and Natural Gas= Ethylene Gas(hydration)= Ethanol
C + CH4 = C2H4 +H2O = C2H5OH

Coal can produce an affective liquid fuel (Ethanol), in abundance, as Crude petroleum Oil produces gasoline.
Crude Petroleum took all the privilege and recognition, while coal is left behind unnoticed.
The reason is: During WWII two German Scientists Fischer and Tropsh came up the idea of reacting Coal with oxygen and steam producing a mixture of gases mainly hydrogen and carbon monoxide. If we apply such a reaction to crude petroleum, we would have destroyed the value of crude petroleum also.

Coal, as crude petroleum, consists of a mixture of several organic compounds. Also, as crude petroleum, it needs to have these compounds separated first. The solid residue of destructive distillation of coal is Coke. This coke reacts with natural gas (methane) to produce Ethylene gas. Ethylene is valuable, and is the well known raw material for ethanol.

The reaction of Coke and natural Gas is described in both Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry and Kirk and Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (under Acetylene, as it is produced by the same process). If we had this ethanol from coal, NO energy crisis could be substantiated???

More details are cited in several websites, two of them are www.coal-and-the-environment.org and www.coalplantsengineering.com also several blogs are also posted two of them are ethanol-from-coal-and-natural-gas.blogspot.com and coal-replaces-crude-oil-exploration.blogspot.com

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