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Centrifugal Pumps: Understanding Cavitation

Nov 08 2010 01:30 PM | Mukesh Sahdev in Fluid Flow *****


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Excellent article. Thank you
Great article. This will increase my understandings about cavitation.
Thank very much.
Wajahat Hussain
Mar 19 2012 01:27 PM
we have studied this 2day very nice.........
Great article although I wanted to point out even wneh general guidelines are followed one may still experience uneven flow distribution in to the pump. A pump requires a well developed, uniform flow pattern at a narrow flow rate range since the impeller inlet eye and vanes are optimized to not create turbulence at design flow. This pump design feature is very susceptible to non-uniform inlet flow because when liquid velocity varies and does not meet the pump design assumption of a uniform velocity striking the impeller eye, flow separation results which causes cavitation and associated problems. I think there should be more empahsis and discussion on technologies to improve traditional piping and pumping rules (lack of space, erosion, impeller wear, pump failure). Please take a look at cheng rotation vane, impeller coating, need solutions.
Feb 01 2013 06:20 PM

Great article but in your classification of pump problems, you have left out the most important class., i.e. problems in getting required parameters because of system conditions.Design Problems is of little use to the site engineer as he can't do anything about it. He can definitely correct system problems however.

Jan 13 2014 12:57 PM
Grt .tx


I have a question regarding centrifugal pump.

A new pump is under commssioning in my plant and we have to go for water trial, can you please provide details on that how to proceed?

Nov 22 2014 02:25 AM

Great...   thank u,,,,

THE BEST ONE...........

Thanks a lot ; it is much better than any other text  about this topic in the pump literature , thanks again