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bar.gif (2372 bytes) Solving the Colebrook Equation for Friction Factors - Part 1 of 3
Mr. Tom Lester of Bergmann Associates discussed how to properly solve the Colebrook Equation for various situations.  Article includes a spreadsheet which is discussed within the article. 
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Pervaporation: An Overview
An introduction to pervaporation including what it is, where it is used, and how it works.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Experienced-Based Rules of Chemical Engineering (Revised and Expanded)
Building on the award-winning article, we've added more sections and updated the previous rules as well.  Added sections include: cooling towers, conveyors, crystallization, drivers, drying solids, evaporation, filtration, and mixing.  Don't forget to send your rules of thumb to us!
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Centrifugal Pumps: Basic Concepts of Operation...(Part II, Understanding Cavitation)
In Part II of this series from Associate Content Writer Mukesh Sahdev, you'll learn the meaning of cavitation, mechanisms of cavitation, pump symptoms, and preventative measures.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Pryophoric Iron Fires (Revised and Expanded)
From Associate Content Writer Mukesh Sahdev, a completely revised and expanded version of this very popular article describing the hazards of pryophoric iron fires.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Centrifugal Pumps: Basic Concepts of Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
In Part I of this series from Associate Content Writer Mukesh Sahdev, you'll learn about the basic mechanisms and components of centrifugal pumps.  You'll also find definitions of common terms, explanations of pump curves, and requirements for consistent operation.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Correlations for Convective Heat Transfer
From Associate Content Writer, Dr. Bernhard Spang, find correlations for convective flow through several different geometries as well as correlations for film condensing and nucleate boiling.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Reaction Kinetics and Chemical Reaction Models
From guest author Dr. Ivan A. Gargurevich, learn some of the basics of reaction kinetics as well as how some of the most common models can help you solve chemical processing mysteries.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Sizing of Packed Towers in Acid Plants (INTERACTIVE ARTICLE)
In our focus on packed towers, read about why the traditional correlation may not always be appropriate for the sizing of large towers commonly used in the sulfuric acid industry.  Discuss your questions and share your experience in these interactive articles.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Distillation Pilot Plant Design (INTERACTIVE ARTICLE)
Discover packed tower distillation pilot plant design with emphasis on the operating parameters and scale-up consideration.  Written by the people who know at Norton Chemical Process Products.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Modeling Urea Processes
Learn all of the details behind accurately modeling urea processes.   Includes the introduction of a new thermodynamic model which will assist you in reactor and separation design.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Continuous Liquid-Liquid Extraction Via an Improved Centrifugal Contactor
Separating liquid phases just became a little easier with centrifugal contactors.   Learn the concepts behind these improvements to a classic piece of equipment.
bar.gif (2372 bytes) Liquid Levels and Density
From Mr. Andrew Sloley of The Distillation Group, this periodic newsletter discusses how density can affect liquid level measurement.  Also learn more about the hanging downcomer tray in a very informative Question and Answer.


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