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Category: Equipment Design
Question: Are there any general rules that should be considered when designing a slurry piping system?
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Answer: The following are items to consider when designing a piping system that will transport slurries:
  • Whenever possible, piping should be designed to be self draining
  • Manual draings should be installed to drain sections of the piping when self draining is not possible
  • Blow-out or rod-out connections should be provided to clear lines in places where plugging is likely or could occur
  • Access flanges should be provided at T-connections
  • Manifolds should have flanged rather than capped connections to allow for easy access
  • Clean-out connections should be provided on BOTH sides of main line valves so that flushing can take place in either direction
  • Break flanges should be provided every 20 feet of horizontal pipe or after every two changes in direction