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Where can I find information about:1. Solubility data for sodium sulfate in water 2. Technologies for effluent treatment

Why choose "disposable" carbon filtration over a regenerative approach?

What is a good method for calculating the K-values for fatty acids?

What is a thermosiphon reboiler?

How are streams treated to remove PCB's (Polychlorinated biphenyls)?

What methods are available for removing sulfur containing compounds from wastewater treatment streams?

How can the water removal of anaerobically digested municipal sludge be improved?

How does particle size affect the appearance of an oil emulsion in water?

What is an emulsifier?

What is a Zeta potential?

What are some common chemicals used to demulsify oil found in wastewater?

What are coalescers used for?

How can air flotation be used to separate emulsions?

What is dissolved air flotation?

What is induced air flotation?

What factors should be considered when choosing a solvent for liquid-liquid extraction?

What is the standard method of cleaning carbon dioxide streams from ethanol plants?

What are the typical operating ranges of filter presses?

How can VOCs (volatile organic compounds) be recovered from beds of activated carbon?

How can a vortex be prevented at the bottom of a separation column?

Where can I find vapor-liquid equilibrium (VLE) data for an ammonia-water system?

What do the different equilibrium diagrams look like for different separation processes?

What are some possible reactions to increasing the pressure in an absorption column?

What are some good internet references for ion exchange?

Why is it sometimes necessary to distill under a vacuum and what are the special considerations involved?