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    Hi, I have started my own engineering consultancy in India. Converge Engineering Pvt. Ltd. For more information, please visit www.converge.net.in

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Category: Separation Technology
Question: What is the standard method of cleaning carbon dioxide streams from ethanol plants?
Keywords: v1i11,carbon,dioxide,cleaning,purification,ethanol,scrubbing,gas
Answer: BACKGROUNDAn ethanol plant is supplying nearly pure carbon dioxide to a customer. The carbon dioxide must be, for practical purposes, free of ethanol and any other contaminants.ANSWERAs a fermentation by-product, carbon dioxide from ethanol plants in often sold to soda manufacturers and other users of the carbon dioxide. Odor-causing contaminants from the fermentation process are typically a larger problem than ethanol contamination. For transport, the carbon dioxide is usually liquefied (250 psig, -20F). It's extremely important that any contaminants be removed before compression and liquefaction of the carbon dioxide.The standard method of cleaning the carbon dioxide consist of the following:KMnO4 scrubberWater scrubberLow Pressure Activated Carbon FilterFirst CompressorHigh Pressure Activated Carbon FilterScrub with an oxidizer, wash with water, and polish off with activated carbonReference: Mr. Art Montemayor, CERP Message Board