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      04 Jul

    Equations to describe the Balije Efficiency Curves for Turbo machinery {Pumps and compressors} in terms of Specific Diameter and Specific Speed.

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I would like to know how to size a partial combustion reactor processing methane and oxygen, as a function of the flowrate and of the pressure.

I would like you to explain to me whether I can apply the packed tower equations (Constant of Henry, L'/ G' ratio, pressure drops,diffusivities, Shulmann correlation, etc) in my design of the cooling tower?. Could you provide the correlation/equation of L/G vs KaV/L without resort to the diagram. How should I apply the value of KaV/L in my design?.

What is the angle of repose and what are its applications in the chemical industry ?

How are waste heat boilers categorized?

How do I design a vapor-liquid separator or a flash drum?

How can viscosity affect the design of a mixer?

What information is needed to specify a mixer?

If the incorrect design pressure was stamped on a shell and tube heat exchanger by the fabricator, is it necessary to repeat the hydrotest to have the nameplate corrected?

What are some common problems associated with bellow expansion joints?

Are there any methods of preventing cracking of carbon steel welds in refining environments?

What is a common failure mechanism for above ground atmospheric storage tanks?

How does a tank blanketing valve operate?

How can one determine if a particular solid can be fluidized as in a fluidized bed?

What company produces a reliable inline electric heater?

What are some design criteria to keep in mind when designing and operating a gas adsorber using solid adsorbents?

Where can I find design guidelines for sizing a surge drum at the suction of a reciprocating compressor?

Where can I find more information on the thermal design of boilers?

What are some guidelines for sizing a PSV for a fire scenario on a vessel in a refinery service?

Who are the industry leaders in mixing technology?

Are there flow velocity restrictions to avoid static charge build up in pipelines?

What is a good source of information for the design of pressure vessels?

How can I evaluate the thermal relief requirements for double block-in of 98% sulfuric acid?

What is the method of determining maximum differential pressure during hydrotesting of shell and tube heat exchangers?

How does circular rake clarifier capacity correspond to inline pump capacity for precipitation systems?

Are there any general rules that should be considered when designing a slurry piping system?