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Category: Equipment Design
Question: What is a common failure mechanism for above ground atmospheric storage tanks?
Keywords: v1i8,storage,tank,above,ground,failure,weld
Answer: Tanks constructed prior to the 1950's are notorious for failing along the shell-to-bottom seam or on the side seam. The principle reason for this is that these tanks were constructed before there were established procedures and codes for such a tank (Ex/ API-650 "Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage").One of the key features of these codes and procedures was to make sure that tanks were designed to fail along the shell-to-seam such that the liquid remained largely contained.You can read more about this topic by downloading the publication entitled "Catastrophic Failure of Storage Tanks" from the U.S. Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office (see link below)
Links: Catastrophic Failure of Storage Tanks