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Category: Equipment Design
Question: What are some common problems associated with bellow expansion joints?
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Answer: Bellow expansion joints have (in some circles) gained a reputation for being "weak" points in piping. Usually they're used to remove piping stresses from equipment or to allow for minor piping moments.If they're used properly, expansion joints can save equipment and/or equipment welds from stresses generated from piping forces. The two most common complaints about bellows are:1. They tend to build up dirt2. They are "weak" point in piping (as noted earlier)To overcome these issues, manufacturers can began installing drains in the bellows to allow for the period purging of material. Additionally, bellow manufacturers have placed much emphasis on installation advice and showing their customers how to protect the bellow from unnecessary damage. One such method is the use of tie rods between the end flanges to avoid pressure thrust movements (beyond the bellow's design conditions) which are often the cause of bellow failures.If you want to learn more about bellow installation or participate in online conversations about bellows, check out the following websites:Expansion Joint Systems, Inc.www.ejsus.comOnline Expansion Joint Forumwww.pipingtech.com/cgi-bin/ubb/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=Expansion+Joints&number=6
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