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Category: Fluid Dynamics
Question: How can I estimate the efficiency of a pump?
Keywords: estimate,pump,efficiency
Answer: The following method, developed by M.W. Kellogg, gives results within 3.5% of most manufacturers curves.Eff % = 80-0.2855H+3.78x10-4HF-2.23x10-7HF2+5.39x10-4H2-6.39x10-7H2F+4.0x10-10H2F2H = Developed head, ftF = Flow in GPM (gallons per minute)Applicable for heads from 50 to 300 ft and flows from 100 to 1000 GPM


Dear Haslego, thanks for your sharing, 


I have more question about estimating pump efficiency, how about:

a. when flow is below 100 GPM?

b. Head below 50 ft?


I have read Branan, but still not clear on the equation below 100 GPM.

Is it 35% x (100 GPM efficiecy) / GPM x (100 - GPM) ?