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Category: Fluid Dynamics
Question: How can I estimate a gas flow based on two pressure measurements?
Keywords: gas,flow,estimation,pressure,drop
Answer: You can use the Weymouth equation to estimate the gas flow. Below is the equation. The compressibility should be evaluated at Pavg shown below. Nomenclature is as follows:Q = flow rate, Million Cubic Feet per Day (MCFD)Tb = base Temperature, degrees RankinPb = base pressure, psiaG = gas specific gravity (reference air=1)L = line length, milesT = gas temperature, degrees RankinZ = gas compressibility factorD = pipe inside diameter, in.E = Efficiency factor E=1 for new pipes with no bends E=0.95 for pipe less than a year old E=0.92 for average operating conditions E=0.85 for unfavorable operating conditions