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      11 Jun
    Ajay S. Satpute

    Hi, I have started my own engineering consultancy in India. Converge Engineering Pvt. Ltd. For more information, please visit www.converge.net.in

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Category: Fluid Dynamics
Question: What are some good sources where I can find information about "real life" fluid dynamics and pumping systems?
Keywords: pump,information,fluid,dynamics,real
Answer: 1) Flow of Fluids Through Valves, Fittings, and Pipe (Crane Technical Paper No. 410). Asking price = $10.00, but actually free.2) Engineering Data Book; from the Hydraulic Institute. This one is definitely not free. It retails for $70, but should be available in your college library.3) Pump Engineering Manual, 6th Edition. This is the old Durco Pump Manual which is now distributed by FlowServe. They ask for $10, but it is also free.4) Goulds Pump Manual, GPM6. Look in section 7 - Technical Data. This is Free and you can also wrangle a free Goulds Pump selection computer program which describes all the performance data and curves of their entire line of pumps. Very useful.5) Pumps and Systems magazine is free to qualified industrial pump users. Contact AES Marketing, Inc., 123 N. College Ave.; Suite 260; Fort Collins, CO 80524; ph (970) 221-2006 or Fax (970) 221-2019 for a free subscription. This magazine should be in your engineering library as well. Try their web site at WWW.pump-zone.com.
Links: Visit Pump-Zone.com