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Category: Fluid Dynamics
Question: What are some good references for sizing slurry lines?
Keywords: slurry,line,sizing,references,articles,rules
Answer: 1. "Pressure Drop for non-Newtonian Slurries: A Wider Path" by R. Darby, Chemical Engineering Magazine, May 2000.2. "Pressure Drop for Slurry Transport", by S. H. Lin, Chemical Engineering Magazine, May 17, 19823. "Predict Friction Loss in Slurry Pipes", by R. Darby, Chemical Engineering Magazine, Sept. 19924."Sizing Pumps for Slurries", by S. Zaheer Akhtar, Hydrocarbon Processing, Nov. 19965. "Pumping Slurries", by V.B Pawar, Chemical Engineering Magazine, Jan 19976. "Pressure Drop in Slurry Lines", by R. H. Sollman and P. B. collier, Hydrocarbon Processing, Nov, 1990.
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