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Category: Heat Transfer Technology
Question: What is a barometric condenser?
Keywords: barometric,condenser,definition
Answer: Single-stage or multi-stage steam jet ejectors are often used to create a vacuum in a process vessel. The exhaust from such ejector systems will contain steam (and perhaps other condensible vapors) as well as non-condensible vapors.Such exhaust streams can be routed into a "barometric condenser" which is a vertical vessel where the exhaust streams are cooled and condensed by direct contact with downward flowing cold water injected into the top of the vessel. The vessel is installed so that its bottom is at least 34 feet (10.4 meters) above the ground, and the effluent cooling water and condensed vapors flow through a 34 foot length of vertical pipe called a "barometric leg" into small tank called a "hotwell". The "barometric leg" allows the effluent coolant and condensed vapors to exit no matter what the vacuum is in the process vessel. Such a system is called a "barometric condenser".The non-condesible vapors are withdrawn from the top of the condenser by using a vacuum pump or perhaps a small steam ejector. The effluent coolant and condensed vapors are removed from the hotwell with a pump.Source: CERP Message Board, Mr. Milton Beychok