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      11 Jun
    Ajay S. Satpute

    Hi, I have started my own engineering consultancy in India. Converge Engineering Pvt. Ltd. For more information, please visit www.converge.net.in

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Category: Heat Transfer Technology
Question: What is a good relation to use for calculating tube bundle diameters?
Keywords: shell,tube,heat,transfer,exchangers,tube,bundle,diameter,calculations
Answer: The following are equations for one tube pass bundle diameter when the tube count is known or desired: 30 Deg. DS = 1.052 x pitch x SQRT(count) + tube O.D.90 Deg. DS = 1.13 x pitch x SQRT(count) + tube O.D.Where:Count = Number of tubesDS = Bundle diameter in inchesPitch = Tube spacing in inchesSource: Gulley Computer Associates