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Category: Physical Property Information
Question: Where can I find a correlation to predict the change in density of a hydrocarbon when going from ambient temperature to standard temperature?
Keywords: physical,properties,density,change,temperature,hydrocarbons,correlations
Answer: 1. "Quick Estimate of Liquid Densities" by Ashfaq Noor, Chemical Engineering Magazine, April 6,1981, Pg. 111. It has the following equation:density = M/Vc x (3.964 - 1.957 x T/Tc)where M = molecular weight Vc = critical volume, ml/gmol T = Temperature, K Tc = critical temperature, KThe article says that the equation was derived from the Goyel equation for density and the Herzog equation for critical pressure as given in Perry's 5th edition, pp. 3-229, 3-230.2. Try this Simple equationSG@T??F = Sqrt{(SG@60??F)2 - 0.00061*(T??F-60)}This emulates the curves given in Crane TP 410 and the ones in TEMA. 3. "Equation for Liquid Density" by C. L. Yawas, H. C. Yang, J. R. Hopper and W. A. Cawley; Hydrocarbon Processing January 1991, pg 103-1064. "How to Predict n-Alkane Densities" by Charles H. Fisher, Chemical Engineering Magazine, October 1989, pg 195. This is for C-20 and heavier alkanes.