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Category: Physical Property Information
Question: How can one determine the upper and lower explosive limits of hydrocarbon mixtures?
Keywords: v1i6,explosive,explosion,limits,upper,lower,hydrocarbon,mixtures
Answer: LEL =(V1 + V2 + ... Vn)/(V1/lel1 +V2/lel2 + ... Vn/leln)V1 - vol fraction of first componentlel1 - lower explosive limit of component 1UEL =(V1 + V2 + ... Vn)/(V1/uel1 +V2/uel2 + ... Vn/ueln)V1 - vol fraction of first componentuel1 - upper explosive limit of component 1Source: ?Ç£Explosions?Ç¥ by Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, New York