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Category: Plant Basics
Question: For a neutralization reaction, how many tank turnovers are needed to obtain an accurate pH reading?
Keywords: batch,tank,neutralization,agitation,turnover,accurate,ph,reading
Answer: BACKGROUNDThe water is from a cation and anion regeneration and subsequent rinsing of these beds. The neutralization is a batch process in a large tank with chemical additions after the tank is nearly full. ANSWERThe amount of turnovers you need is greatly dependent on the amount of time you wish to use for the batch cycle. I would balance the cycle time (i.e. the turnover rate) with the cost of the agitator and power consumption. If you are using liquid reagents of strong acids and bases, then one turnover could be sufficient but I would feel more comfortable with two or three. Try to maximize the number of turnovers within your batch cycle constraints and the economics of the agitator. Use a good quality pH probe and associated electronics, don't get cheap. Source: CERP Message Board, Phil Leckner