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Category: Plant Basics
Question: How can I control the pH level in our cooling water with respect to ammonia contamination?
Keywords: ph,water,ammonia,contamination,cooling,tower
Answer: BACKGROUNDA cooling tower in a urea manufacturing facility is experiencing very high ammonia levels (200 to 300 ppm) in the cooling water. The ammonia level fluctuates with wind direction.RESPONSEIf your cooling water has 200-300 ppm of ammonia, you have a problem which must be solved. You may have a water-cooled process heat exchanger which has a tube leak that is leaking ammonia into your cooling water. Or the ambient air in your urea plant has a significant ammonia content (from various fugitive leak sources such as piping flanges, control valve packing glands, pump and compressor seals, etc.) and when the wind blows that ambient air into the cooling tower, the ammonia is absorbed in the cooling water. In either event, you have an unhealthy situation which must be corrected. Contacting a company that specializes this these types of water treatment problems may be a wise decision (Ex/ Nalco).
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