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Category: Plant Basics
Question: Where can I find an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved metering pump?
Keywords: sanitary,pump,fda,equipment,federal,drug,administration,food,processing
Answer: The FDA does not approve any equipment. They only approve materials for contact with food. So for example, 316SS and PTFE are approved for food contact. The agencies which approve equipment for use with food products in the USA include 3A Dairy Standards, BSSC for the baking industry and USDA for meat and poultry applications. The term "sanitary" pump is a very subjective one in my experience that depends on what product is being handled and what is acceptable for a specific type of food processor. Having said that, there are several manufacturers offering "sanitary" metering pumps with various industry approvals and differing levels of sanitary construction.The manufacturers below supply sanitary pumps:
Links: Bran-Luebbe