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Category: Plant Basics
Question: Why is it important that the moisture content of natural gas be minimized?
Keywords: v1i5,natural,gas,moisture,content,problems,operation,minimized
Answer: Excess moisture in natural gas pipelines can cause the following problems (there are others):1. As the gas passes through regulators and valves, it will experience a pressure drop and a subsequent temperature drop. Any moisture can freeze and result in blockages.2. Light gases can form hydrate compounds in the presence of water. These hydrate compounds can also represent a blockage danger.3. The carbon dioxide and/or H2S can form corrosive agents if allowed to mix with water.4. Excess moisture can greatly reduce the heating value of the natural gas.5. Liquid slugs can form and pass through separators and severally damage compressors.Source: APK Engineers, U.K.
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