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Category: Plant Basics
Question: What's a good method to clean a boiler?
Keywords: v1i6,boiler,cleaning,procedure,solutions
Answer: One of the following solutions can be used to clean a boiler:Trisodium Phosphate, 1 kg for 420 L (1 lb for 50 gal) in the systemSodium Carbonate, 1 kg for 240 L (1 lb for 30 gal) in the systemSodium Hydroxide, 1 kg for 420 L (1 lb for 50 gal) in the systemThe system should be filled and vented. Circulate the solution throughout and allow the system to reach operating temperature if the material of construction (with the cleaning solution in contact) will permit it. After the solution has been circulating for a few hours, drain the system and refill with fresh water. Usually, enough of the cleaner will adhere to the piping to give an alkaline solution satisfactory for operation. A pH reading between 7 and 8 is preferred, and a small amount of cleaner can be added if necessary.Reference: Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering, Robert Rosaler
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