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Category: Plant Basics
Question: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning process equipment by cleaning-in-place (CIP)?
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Answer: Cleaning-in-place (or CIP) is a popular method of cleaning process equipment in many parts of the world. With the exception of food and pharmaceutical industries, CIP has largely failed to catch on in the United States however.CIP is a very viable method of cleaning many different types of chemical processing equipment, particularily those with reasonable volumes.Advantages include:1. Repeatable cleaning results2. Measurable and recordable cleaning results3. Reduced operator exposure to the processing and cleaning fluids.4. Decreased cleaning time (in most instances)5. Ability to use more agressive cleaning solutions6. Reduced equipment wearDisadvantages include:1. Initial capital costs of system2. Purchase and disposal of cleaning solutions3. Absence of a visual inspection of the internal equipment surfaces
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