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Category: Plant Basics
Question: What is the minimum required vent steam for a boiler feed water dearator?
Keywords: vent,condenser,steam,requirement,dissolved,oxygen,o2
Answer: There is no minimum amount of vent steam required. The vent should be adjusted so that the dissolved oxygen level in the feedwater is just on spec (typically ~7 ppb), then opened a little more for contingency. One method of adjustment is to slowly pinch in the vent while monitoring BFW O2 levels. When the O2 level reaches/exceeds spec, open the vent enough to reduce the reading to below spec.Typically there is not enough steam lost to be concerned with the amount of supply steam required. If you are concerned, however, with loss of heat energy, it is not difficult or expensive to build a vent condensor, which will often perform better than OEM, esp if the BFW supply is relatively cool. Corrosion is, of course, a concern, but it is the same problem w/o a good vent condensor. Source: Cheresources Message Board