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Category: Plant Economics
Question: Is there any way to reduce the cost involved in washing process equipment is a 7.5% by weight caustic solution?
Keywords: v1i15,caustic,cleaning,solution,cost,reduction
Answer: Without particulars, the following ideas may be worth exploring as means of reducing the cost associated with using a caustic wash that has proven to work well for cleaning your equipment:A. Investigate lower caustic concentrations to see if they work as well. Even a 1% by weight decrease could yield substantial annual savings depending on how much caustic is being used and how the waste is being treated. A review of process history is worth the time as it may show that this was done in the past and may explain why a 7.5% solution is currently being used.B. Recovery of the spent caustic is also worth exploring. Depending on the volume of waste generated, an evaporation station may have an acceptable payback.C. Investigate the possibility of using the cleaning solution more than once. Even if the solution could be used twice, the savings could be substantial.