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Category: Process Control
Question: What type of level control devices work well in aldehyde-type services with low flash points?
Keywords: v1i10,aldehyde,formaldehyde,level,tank,detectors,best,type
Answer: Capacitance level probes used to the standard in this type of service, but the advances made in radar-type level detectors has made them the front runners at this point.Mr. Art Montemayor (an experienced process engineer) reports great success with radar level detectors in formaldehyde services. The supplier he used was Endress-Hauser with their models Micropilot M, FMR 230/231/240. Reasons cited for using this type of device included:1. They totally eradicate the need for vessel entry; I consider this feature a top safety plus under any environment;2. They are super accurate; I doubt if you can get anything more accurate for the price;3. They are very economical on the total installed cost comparison;4. They are totally electronic; no mechanical moving parts and practically zero maintenance;5. Their signals are useful for controlling, alarming or indicating and are progressive signals - not height specific like a capacitance probe; you can program the readouts in a DCS and get actual, online vessel contents in height, mass, volume.6. They are totally safe and explosion-proof.
Links: Endress-Hauser Website