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Category: Reactions and Processes
Question: How much gasoline and other products can be produced from a barrel of crude oil?
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Answer: Different refineries and different crude oils all yield different amounts of gasoline and other products. Even at a specific refinery processing a specific crude oil, the relative product yield may vary with the season (i.e., more gasoline and less fuel in the summer ... more fuel oil and less gasoline in the winter.)However, as an overall average of all the USA refineries and all their seasonal product yield shifts, the American Petroleum Institute lists the gasoline yield as 19.5 gallons from each 42 gallon barrel of crude oil. In other words, (19.5/42)(100) = 46 percent of the crude oil processed during a year is converted to gasoline by the USA refineries. If you want to know the yield of other products (such as: LPG, jet fuel, kerosene, diesel oil and home heating oil, fuel oil, etc.) Visit the API website below for more information on this topic.
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