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Category: Reactions and Processes
Question: What is an oil refinery and what does it do?
Keywords: oil,refining,flow,diagram
Answer: For a simplified block flow diagram of a refinery, look at this website of the Ashland Oil Company: http://www.ashland.com/education/oil/refining/images/ref.jpg(Link 1 Below) Then read Ashland Oil's simplified description of petroleum refining: http://www.ashland.com/education/oil/refining/ (Link 2 Below)If you want something more technical, try these books: 1. Petroleum Refinery Technology and Economics, Second Ed., written by J.H. Gary and G.E. Handwerk, published by Marcel Dekker 2. Handbook of Petroleum Refining Processes, Second Ed., written by Robert A. Meyers, published by McGraw-Hill 3. Petroleum Refinery Process Economics, written by Robert E. Maples, published by PennWell If you want detailed online information, go to this site and read Section 4, Chapter 2, of the OSHA Technical Manual at this website: http://www.osha-slc.gov/dts/osta/otm/otm_iv/otm_iv_2.html(Link 3 Below) It is excellent and includes numerous flow diagrams. It is also quite extensive and the website takes some time to load, even after your browser says "document done" ... so be patient. It will be worth it.
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