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Category: Reactions and Processes
Question: Can you provide some information on the solubility of lithium nitrate?
Keywords: solubility,lithium,nitrate
Answer: LiNO3 is soluble is water, 95% ethanol (ethyl alcohol), and ammonia. It may also be soluble in some other organic solvents, but these one for certain.It most likely decomposes at about 500 0C by the following reaction:2LiNO3 (s) ---> 2LiNO2 (s) + O2 (g)Hydrates can be formed by the attachment of 3 water molecules, but I don't know the reaction conditions. It may just absorb water from the air, but maybe not. If you have some and it begins to "grow" a film when exposed to air, this is what is happening.LiNO3 + 3H2O ---> LiNO3.3H2O (the water molecules literary become attached to the lithium nitrate)If you need more information, check a public library for a book called the "Merch Index", or contact a company that manufactures the chemical. They should be able to answer your questions as well.