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Category: Refining
Question: How can I prevent fouling of a FCC debutanizer reboiler on the process (gasoline) side?
Keywords: fcc,reboiler,fouling
Answer: Often the cause of this fouling can be traced to corrosion byproducts or polymers formed from diolefins. A sample should be collected for analysis. If the problem is corrosion, then chemical control program or plan may be necessary. Corrosion is usually the result of high temperatures at the exchanger inlet or possibly some undercarry of water or higher than normal sulfur from understripping upstream. Check the LPG for corrosion. This could be an indicator of undercarry. If so adjust the stripper accordingly. While chemical treatment may be effective, it can become expensive due to the large flow. If the fouling is being caused by a polymer the process inlet temperature is contributing to the problem. Dispersion chemicals may be an option to help with this problem. Polymer fouling will eventually have to be addressed in the reaction system since this is the source of the problem.