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Category: Refining
Question: What parameters and tools do refiners use to measure two stage desalter performance?
Keywords: desalter,performance,astm,parameters
Answer: Performance of desalting process can be quantified on the basis of dehydration and thereby desalting efficiency levels acheived.For evaluating the factors affecting these efficiencies we shall divide the parameters into two classes:1) Controllable parameters2) Non controllable parametersControllable parameters include 1) Wash Water rate2) Mix valve energy or presure drop3) Wash water quality that affects emulsion stability4) Interface level5) Injection points of wash water6) Slop oil addition7) Demulsifier /Desalting chemical dosage and injection points, if being used.Non Controllable parameters include:1) Pressure2) Temperature3) Crude charge rate that directly affects residence time4) Crude type that includes its salt level, sediment and other impurities like metal content and corrosion products5) Electrical potential6) Design of desalter, which may effect residence time