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Category: Refining
Question: How can I determine the hydrogen feed quantity required by a hydrotreater which regards to feed characterics and require output sulfur content?
Keywords: hydrogen,requirement,calculation,hydrotreating,feed,characteristics,sulfur,content
Answer: Mr. Nandu Karajgikar of Honeywell-Hi Spec:In a hydroprocessing operation, hydrogen gets consumed due to the following: a) desulfurization (deS), B) denitrification (deN),c) deoxygenation (deOX),d) olefin saturation (deO),e) aromatic ring saturation (deA), andf) solution losses (function of pressure & temperature). So, you have to know the extent of deS, deN, deOx, deO, deA occurring in the unit to determine the hydrogen consumption. It is obtained by a simple mass balance. The problem now is to determine the extent of deS to deA occuring in the unit. These values depend upon the reactor temperature, hydrogen partial pressure, space veleocity and catalyst type. A kinetic model is necessary to calculate the values a priori. These models are not available in the public domain. You may contact your technology licensor for the same. KBC also offers a hydrotreater kinetic model.