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Category: Refining
Question: Is it permissible to operate a multiproduct pipeline pumping gas oil ,gasoline and jet fuels. Is this permitted for pumping jetA1 fuel in the US?
Keywords: multi,component,pipelines,jet,fuel,pumping
Answer: In the United States multi product pipelines are the rule rather than the exception. The interface between products is typically shunted to a "slop" or transmix tank where it is collected and then sold as off-spec material for reprocessing or if there is specification give away in some products the transmix may be blended off.Typical reprocessing is redistillation or in the case of a gasoline/kerosene jet fuel interface the transmix must be reprocessed and reblended because the lighter low octane components in the jet fuel boil in the gasoline range. You can try and distill out the jet fuel components but this leaves a gasoline with volatility problems.