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Category: Thermodynamics
Question: What is meant by "standard temperature and pressure" in gas and vapor calculations?
Keywords: standard,temperature,pressure,gas,volume
Answer: A normal cubic meter (Nm3) is the metric expression of gas volume and it is always defined as being measured at 0 degrees Centigrade and 1 atmosphere of pressure.A standard cubic foot (scf) is the USA expression of gas volume and it is very often defined as being measured at 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 1 atmosphere of pressure. [There are other definitions of standard gas conditions used in the USA other than 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 1 atmosphere, but that is the most common one ... and it is very widely used in the oil, gas and hydrocarbon processing industries.]That being understood, 1 Nm3 of any gas (measured at 0 oC and 1 atm. pressure) equals 37.33 scf of that gas (measured at 60 oF and 1 atm. pressure).Also, 1 kg-mol of any gas equals 22.414 Nm3 of that gas ... and 1 lb-mol of any gas equals 379.482 scf of that gas.