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Empirical Equations For Natural Gas Compressibility And Viscosity

Many a times during natural gas handling and transmission the composition of the gas in terms of its components is not known. This creates a certain amount of difficulty in arriving at properties of the NG being handled.

However, there are certain empirical equations for determining properties such as compressibility factor and gas viscosity with only the pressure, temperature and specific gravity (molecular weight) of the gas being known.

The equations being presented in my blog entry are in English units in which these equations were originally presented by the researchers in the field of Gas processing.

The equations are in the Microsoft equation format which I am unable to paste here. Hence the whole topic is being provided as an attachment to this covering description.

I hope this proves of some help to engineers who often cite the unavailability of the composition of the natural gas that they are handling. However, to utilize these equations pressure, temperature and molecular weight (or specific gravity) are the three essential data you would still require.

Comments are most welcome.



(See attachment in the Download Section at http://www.cheresour...-and-viscosity/)

Great! Thank you!
Philip Johnson
Apr 19 2011 10:08 AM
Awesome equations - I am dumbfounded that I never saw the Z-factor equation before - for field processing you almost never have a reliable composition, and the only other gravity-based equations I've found require iteration and are VERY complex - many thanks!

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