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Engineering Applications Available For Iphone

Engineering Applications Available For Iphone Are you a gadget lover, and are you a fan of "Apple" products? Besides being a gadget lover and an admirer of Apple, do you also happen to be an engineering student or an engineeering professional with the zest to do quick calculations while on the move?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you will simply love the iPhone for the loads of engineeering applications that can be added to your iPhone. Below is the link provided for the top 10 engineering applications that can be loaded in your iPhone:


Since I am a chemical engineer, I will specifically talk of the chemical engineering applications / programs that can be loaded on your iPhone.

There is a pipe sizing calculator with the name "Pipe Sizer" that calculates the optimum pipe size given the flow rate and the high and low velocity limits. Uses both English & Metric Units. A screenshot of how the application will appear on your iPhone is available at:


The most interesting seems to be the pressure drop calculator. The usual inputs such as flow rate, pipe ID, fluid density, fluid density, fluid viscosity and pipe equivalent length need to be provided to obtain the pressure drop. Both English & Metric units are available. A screenshot of how the application will appear on your iPhone is available at:


Another useful one is the "Pump Calculator" which calculates the horse power of a centrifugal pump as well as provides the cost to operate per year for a given motor efficiency. Pump and motor efficiencies are inputs besides the differential head and the liquid specific gravity. The screen shot indicates that this calculator is available only in USC units.


Amazingly there is an "Orifice Sizing" calculator for square edged orifice too, that can be loaded on your iPhone. There are two distinct calculators in this application. The liquid flow rate given the pipe ID, delta P, liquid density, liquid viscosity and the orifice flow coefficient. The other one is the delta P given the flow rate, pipe ID, liquid density, liquid viscosity and the orifice flow coefficient. From the screen shot this appears to be also in English units only.

There is a general "Engineering Professional" application that can be loaded which claims to provide 650 engineering formulas related to civil, mechanicaal, electrical, chemical and hydrology engineering. A screen shot can be seen at:


Now coming to the downside of it. None of these applications are free, you have to pay for them. But, then the cost of these applications is quite reasonable. The first three that I mentioned, cost just $3.99 which is certainly something that you can afford if you can afford to buy an iPhone. The cost of the "Engineering Professional" application is $11.99 and you may choose it only if you feel it is absolutely necessary for you.


All chemical engineers who also happen to be iPhone owners, you can give a serious thought of having these applications loaded on your iPhone which might be quite useful to you if you are quite frequently on the move and still need to do find some quick engineering solutions.

Enjoy reading this blog entry and do provide your valuable comments.


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Absolute Zero
Jan 28 2012 03:46 AM
Very Nice Sharing Sir, this would really help us
Thanks for sharing the valuable information.
I can't believe you didn't mention Alph_Jr!!
Feb 07 2012 04:44 PM
Alph (very nearly a full process simulator):

Any apps for Android?
Jul 11 2012 01:52 PM
what an awesome list. What is available for android?
Don't forget that the DOSBox emulators available for Android (and I assume iOS) can run old DOS-based engineering programs (typically written in BASIC or ForTran) that still produce good-enough answers for most uses (and don't take up much RAM).

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