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Skid Mounted Modular Mini Crude Refining Units

Skid Mounted Modular Mini Crude Refining Units Dear All,

In remote crude oil drilling locations or where some value addition on the crude is required such as production of low cetane diesel (generally less than 40) and straight run naphtha with low first investment costs, skid mounted modular mini refining crude units are the answer.

Let us examine the advantages of a skid mounted modular unit:

1. Lower construction and installation costs

2. Ideal choice for remote locations

3. Less manpower requirement for installation, operation and troubleshooting of the unit

4. Very short installation, commissioning and operation times. A skid mounted modular crude distillation unit with a capacity of 300 to 12,000 BPD could be made operational within weeks from it's arrival at the designated location.

5. Since the units are skid mounted they are easily transportable and can be moved from one location to another in a short duration of time. This feature allows the units to be procured on short or long term lease basis thereby further reducing cost for the operator and increasing profitability by moving the unit to the production source as and when desired.

6. Higher quality workmanship can be achieved in view of the fact that these units are assembled in sophisticated workshops utilizing high quality machinery and considering that these may have to face the rigours of frequent transportation depending on the operator's philosophy of operation.

7. Construction as modules allows transport by sea in standard ocean containers.

I am providing a list of some established names who design, build, install and commission such units. Links are provided for some of the leading suppliers of the skid mounted modular crude mini crude refining units for the benefit of the readers.





As a cautionary advice the credentials of the suppliers of these units needs to be verified as a whole in terms of engineering, workshop fabrication of skid mounted modules, skilled pre-commissioning and commissioning personnel and after-sales service. It would be unwise for a prospective client to try to procure such units from a source where there are multiple agencies involved for engineering, fabrication and pre-commissioning / commissioning, due to the possibility of encountering fly-by-night operators who are out to make a fast buck at the client's peril. The most prudent way for a prospective client would be to check out the performance track record of the supplier in terms of quantity and quality of units supplied in the past and proper testimonials from satisfied clients.

Comments from the readers of my blog are welcome.


Skid base LNG plants are also available very much in market. It is low cost and high profit. Only the thing is long term run and skid life of 20 years for the investment need to check.

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