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Centrifugal Compressor Surge Control Schemes And Control Elements

Centrifugal Compressor Surge Control Schemes And Control Elements Dear All,

I have written before on centrifugal compressor surge and anti-surge control. Refer my blog entry at the following link:


The above mentioned blog entry also provides an excel workbook for basic anti-surge control

In continuation of my further studies on surge control I have now prepared another excel workbook which provides variations in surge control schemes and also provides requirements and recommendations for the control elements used in centrifugal compressor surge control.

The basic source for these schemes and recommendations related to surge control is:
APPLICATION GUIDELINE FOR CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR SURGE CONTROL SYSTEMS - Release Version 4.3 prepared as a guidance practice by Gas Machinery Research Council (Southwest Research Institute)

Some other open articles on the internet and company standards have also been referred to make the excel workbook more comprehensive.

The effort has been to provide information through bullet points against each item for ease of understanding.

I would appreciate comments from the esteemed members of Cheresources to enhance the workbook in terms of additional information and quality of information, specifically with respect to modern methods and tools for centrifugal compressor surge control.

The workbook is attached.


Attached File  Centrifugal_Compressor_Surge_Control_Systems.xlsx (130.62KB)
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mohamed saeed
Jan 06 2018 05:23 AM

Good afternoon sir


I have a question regarding the minimum flow set point across centrifugal pumps  normally there is  delta PCV and FCV across oil pumps and the pump curve is available. and   I saw your flow sheet for minimum flow. 

 So is the  xls sheet is enough or shall we use a pump curve   on the case of oil and gas  and how I can use the pump curve to determine the maximum and minimum and best operating point


Best regards,

Dec 09 2019 11:57 PM

Hi Ankur,


I am looking for these two articles. Do you have this?

1.Surge Control for Centrifugal compressors, Chemical Engineering, December 15,1972.

2.Understand multistage Compressor Antisurge Control, Hydrocarbon Processing, March 1985.


Thanks and regards,


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