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Petroleum Technology Part I - Terminology & Classification Of Petroleum

Quite some time back (about 6 years back) I had done some write-up using known references for Petroleum technology. The blog on petroleum glossary was just one part of it. Fossil fuels (specially petroleum) will continue to play a major part in the lives of man-kind for another century or so until we run out of these resources to the extent of economical extraction of them.

Many young engineers ask if there is a future in the Oil & Gas industry and I always tell them that the ingenuity of the human mind will always ensure that these resources get prolonged for the decades to come. In all certainity in the life times of the current crop of chemical engineers petroleum resources are not going to get exhausted. Technology dvelopment will ensure that the existing resources are utilized more judiciously and alternate energy resources will ensure much more equitable distribution of all enrgy resources compared to the heavy dependence on fossil fuels in the preceding decades.

The write-up's I had prepared ar in three parts. I am publishing the first part on my blog. If readers find it interesting and are willing for more I would then go on to publish the second and third parts.

The first part relates to the "Terminology and Calsssification of Petroleum". The second relates to "Composition of Petroleum" and the third is related to "Cracking Technology".

I am not a researcher in petroleum technology. All the above mentioned are write-up's are from various existing published resources. What I have tried to do is compile good stuff from various resources and help me and others to have a consolidated single source for information from various scattered resources.

The above mentioned write-up's are MS-Word files and I am providing the first one as a word file attachment..
Although questions from readers are welcome, I cannot promise I can provide all the answers and to each individual. What I would suggest to the readers is to read the article and make a note of the key words used in the articles and then make a search on the internet through the various search engines for finding answers. We all know that the internet is a wonderful tool for knowledge seekers of any kind even the pernicious kind.

The article is attached.

Looking forward to the reactions and responses from readers to this blog entry.


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Chris Haslego
Sep 06 2010 01:38 PM
Good stuff!

Sep 16 2010 02:50 PM
This was extremely enlightening. This article is the best concise reference I have seen and really clarifies a lot of the jargon I didn't understand (note that I am still in school). Please post any other write-ups you have because I would love to read them.
Thank you very much!

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