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Is Cheme Still A Good Field To Go In?

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#1 necrobutcer


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Posted 15 October 2010 - 01:32 AM

Two questions I would like to ask...

1. Articles like this make me feel worried about getting into Chemical Engineering.. Am I just overreacting?


2. There's no doubt Chemical Engineering is a high-paying major and it certainly pays better than Chemistry (when comparing Bachelor's degrees only), but does it also have a better job market?

#2 breizh


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Posted 16 October 2010 - 10:50 PM


#3 rowanlim


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Posted 24 October 2010 - 08:24 PM

I think it depends on where you are & what industry you want to enter, chemical engineering is such a vast field & personally for me I don't see any trend of it losing strength, someone complained to me recently that there are not enough engineers with EXPERIENCE around; the ratio of junior to senior engineers is like 15:1! :blink:

I suppose the demand is always in for engineers with EXPERIENCE, but along with accountants, lawyers, teachers, doctors etc, chemical engineers are still in demand. So don't worry, if you're planning to take up chemical engineering, you can have a secure future, there are opportunities worldwide, you just have to seek them.

As for your 2nd question, being a chemical engineer & a chemist are 2 different things. Different job scope, different responsibilities, different salaries & certainly different demands. I'm not sure how many chemists are needed compared to chemical engineer, since the latter is of a more high-profile nature, but since we'll be needing all kinds of chemicals to be engineered & prepared for a long way yet, I'm guessing both jobs have good prospects. Though it might help for you to do some research if you're concerned :)

#4 kkala


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Posted 12 April 2011 - 05:07 AM

I am not optimistic about future of Chemical Engineering, but this depends a lot on the region / country. Look at Chemical Engineering or Hydrocarbon Processing magazines issued in USA. They were much thicker 30 or 40 years ago. Probably the best period of Chemical Engineering in Western countries was in 1950s. Now there is the age of "maturity", or probably something after it. Certainly it is so in Greece, where industry is ailing and Chemical Engineers are quite lucky to find a job of their speciality (rare today).
But of course it is not so everywhere, developing countries have been undertaking Chemical Engineering activities and promote the profession. The articles predict a slow decline (assumingly for West) that is not dramatic. At least you can find a job, if you like the profession.
I think the key is to like the job. Chemical Engineering may not be a well paid job in the future, at least in Western countries. It may not have the bright of the past. Yet it can still satisfy the rather adventurous people who enjoy Projects, Plants, Operations, Design in the Chemical Industry, which has recently developed new activities. And in other countries it may be enhanced, compared to its current reputation.

Edited by kkala, 12 April 2011 - 05:11 AM.

#5 Alejo


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Posted 24 August 2011 - 01:55 PM

I just graduated from UT-Austin with a ChE degree and the job market was not that great. I interviewed for quite a few plant and design positions but most of the recruiters were looking for people who had done a coop at the very least. Unfortunately for me when I had the opportunity to do a coop the economy was sucking and no company wanted to hire people for internships or coops. Most of the people that did get a job got a job with the company they cooped/interned for, others got jobs for smaller companies located in either undesirable locations or for lower (albiet small) than average salaries. I think the future of ChE will be in biochemical, pharmaceutical and computer/gadget technology (intel, samsung, memc, etc).

The only company I knew that didnt seem to care that much was Samsung Austin Semiconductor and Dow Chemical, they seemed more relaxed about the whole experience thing. When I interviewed for KBR, Total, ExxonMobil, and one other company they seemed to emphasize their desire to hire someone with experience.

Also a lot of companies were interviewing 40-50 people for 5-10 spots, so right now with the way the economy is there is not much happening, especially since ChE's work for manufacturing plants (directly or indirectly). Most of the chemical manufacturing industry is moving or has moved overseas as profit margins are fairly thin in the US.

In the end I got a job with a software company, not exactly what I planned on doing but hopefully long enough to hold me over till things get better. Once they do Im sure Ill be told they are looking for someone with prior experience lol.

Edited by Alejo, 24 August 2011 - 02:03 PM.

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