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A Step-By-Step Procedure To Design An Internal Compression Air Separat

air separation hysys

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#1 EdenHuang


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Posted 12 June 2018 - 09:00 AM

Hi, everyone

I am looking for materials that guild me to simulate an internal compression cryogenic air separation unit. The purity of O2, N2, Ar is 99.60%, 99.99%, and 97%.  The recovery ratio of O2 and Ar should be larger than 97% and 80%.

The questions are:

(1) how to determine the feed location of the feed stream for each column?

(2) how to determine the specifications of the column? 

(3) how to meet the consistency of reboiler duty of LP column and the condenser duty of HP column?


The difficulty is that there are so many parameters that can be changed, but it's difficult to meet all the requirements.


Is there any design procedure that tells me which specification should be fulfilled first, and which should be adjusted next. by following such a design sequence, all the requirements are met.






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