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Temperature Of The Flue Gas

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#1 A.Kangaris


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Posted 05 September 2018 - 03:09 PM

I am working on a biogas fired heater with a shell and tube heat exchanger to heat air using flue gas evolved.
Does the temperature of flue gas produced by the combustion of biogas, depends on the flow rate of the biogas? According to theory, the temperature should not be affected, am I right?
I carried out some experiments and it was observed that as biogas rate increases, temperature of the flue gas increases. 
I am thinking of two possible reasons that this may have been caused. Either, the burner sucks higher excess air to fuel ratio at low biogas rate or the electric thermocouple that we are using, measures heat and not temperature, and since at higher biogas rate, we get higher hear flow, the thermocouple absorbs more heat. 
Can someone advice on that?

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