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#1 Ahsan67


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Posted 26 July 2019 - 05:37 AM

Hi All,


For Amine treating unit we are venting the acid gas which is 93 mole % Co2, 6.5 mole % water and 0.5 mole % methane. The total flow is 1.5 MMSCFD with the vent pipe size is 4-inch. We have carried the dispersion calculation with 16m above the ground level which is giving concentration at ground way below concentration recommended by OSHA 5,000 CO2 limit for 8 hours of exposure. Our dispersion is based on vent straight to atmosphere where as to to protect the pipe from rain water ingress we are proposing to provide the 90 degree and cutting the same at 45 degree.


My question is that with the above addition of elbow(90 degree and cutting it 45 degree) how much our previous dispersion is valid and how we can model the revised scenario. Please suggest available industry model. 



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