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Chemical Waste Analysis

industrial waste waste analysis waste testing

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#1 wty


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Posted 22 October 2019 - 09:40 PM

Recently my company has wanted to conduct waste testing to determine the composition of the wastes in concentration or wt%. This testing will help us to determine whether there are any excess chemicals in the feed of the process, which in turn can also be used to identify the effective composition of chemicals in the feed needed to produce the least waste or zero waste. However, we can't provide any parameter for the waste testing because we don't know what will be present in the waste and too little information is given for the feed of the process. Besides, by referring to the Material safety data sheet (MSDS) and certificate of analysis (COA) of each chemical used in the feed of the process, we can only know one to two active components of each chemical used in the process due to the confidential policy of the manufacturers. Thus, due to all these constraints, may I know if it is possible to conduct this kind of testing with the current technology available in the lab testing? If not, could someone please give me some suggestions to solve this problem? Thank you.


#2 ankitg009


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Posted 23 October 2019 - 12:23 AM

I am assuming you want to identify the components present in the waste. You can conduct XRD test on the waste sample. This will help you analyze the functional group of the components present in the waste. Also, XRF test can be conducted which can help you analyze the metal compounds in the sample if any. TGA testing can be performed if you know the solvents present in the test.. there can be more tests that I am not aware of. Would advice you to look for pertinent literature on the internet. The pertinent research paper generally also include the testing part.

Hope it helps.


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